Canada Guard Security

SureCommand has helped us become one of the fastest growing security service provider in Canada. Our customers and employees are happier, and our sales are up. I highly recommend SureCommand for any business.

- Mehdi Mohammadi

Legacy Protection Services

If it weren't for Sure Command, I know my business would not have been as successful as it is. SureCommand's ability to manage, delegate, track and respond in real time is invaluable. It reinforces full compliancy at every level within my organization as well. Aligning with Sure Command was the best decision I made for my business.

- Chris Girouard
Director of Operations

Ontario Security Training

SureCommand allows us to better manage our training program by uploading all of our programs, courses, and lessons onto our website portal. All student training activities are recorded, including quizzes, tests, and exams. We are now Canada's largest security training school.

- Ramaandeep Khara

Maragos Legal

We are growing so fast, and keeping track of multiple cases is very difficult without a good system. SureCommand helps me and my team organize our whole operation and improve customer service. I really don't know what I would do without it.

- Demetrois Maragos
Licensed Paralegal

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