Security Management System

The SureCommand security management system is designed to integrate all security service activities into one easy to use and powerful database. It is made up of modules, functions, and features to enhance an employee's abilities. The system includes the Director, Legal, Human Resource, Customer Relations Management, Accounting, Scheduling, Supervisor, Guard And Investigator modules. The modules guide users through predefined wizards to prevent errors and streamline administrative processes. These modules are designed to improve the quality of service, monitor the operations, organize records, coordinate activities and calculate performance. The record keeping feature enables users to manage videos, pictures, audio files and organize digital occurrences and incidents. The SureCommand system also strengthens communications between members of your operation structure. Management can connect to what is happening with the real-time statistics dashboards.


Crime Prevention Database

SureCommand has aggregated the data content from many security agencies with more than 25 years of collecting information into one powerful database. With more than 13 million detailed profiles, SureCommand is one of the largest private crime databases in the world. The data content includes the list of known offences and record keeping of evidence, persons of interest, suspects and the accused. The SureCommand database is updated every time an authorized user adds new content. The database can process the tracking of stolen property, securely store media and quickly retrieve information.


Risk Assessments and Crime Analytics

The SureCommand profile can show users contain information about a subject. For example, address profiles will show users a list of incidents on a particular address. The profiles include risk vulnerabilities assessments, a list of incidents, hazards, evidence collection, history of criminal behaviour, attachments to references, relationship, property and more. These profiles help to assess the risks that may be present in an organisation by displaying a . These profiles are highly confidential to protect the individuals and the users. All records are sealed after seven years. If an incident involving risk develops, the SureCommand system can prioritise the incident and communicate the developing situation to other active users on the network throw app notification, SMS, and emails. To reduce exposure to further risks, SureCommand can also broadcast alerts to non-active users about incidents that are in progress or have just occurred. This information is referenced when possible to profiles on the system for identification information with possible accomplices.


Intelligence Reports

Intelligence is the collection of information to identify current and future risks properly. The information collected is organised in a logical way to identify a pattern of behaviour that is adverse to your customers. The SureCommand System creates intelligence reports by collecting content from activities such as audits, occurrences, and incidences. These reports indicate vulnerabilities and areas of improvement. Once a pattern of deviant behaviour has been identified, a decision can be made to take action and avoid risk.

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