Security and Investigation Network

SureCommand is a Security and Investigation network that connects professionals and information to help better protect our community. Security and Investigation professionals who are on the SureCommand system can improve their protection abilities by sharing information with other individuals and organizations. The SureCommand system can also be used to collaborate security related operations with a network of professionals who can provide guidance and support. This will help professionals improve situational awareness, safety, and resolve issues quicker. The SureCommand system will also help to promote your skills, experience and achievement among other professionals. If you're in the private protection industry, you can join at anytime and its free.


Security Management System

The SureCommand security management system is designed to integrate all security service activities into one easy to use and powerful database. It is made up of modules, functions, and features to enhance an employee's abilities. The system includes the Director, Legal, Human Resource, Customer Relations Management, Accounting, Scheduling, Supervisor, Guard And Investigator modules. The modules guide users through predefined wizards to prevent errors and streamline administrative processes. These modules are designed to improve the quality of service, monitor the operations, organize records, coordinate activities and calculate performance. The record keeping feature enables users to manage videos, pictures, audio files and organize digital occurrences and incidents. The SureCommand system also strengthens communications between members of your operation structure. Management can connect to what is happening with the real-time statistics dashboards.


Crime Prevention Database

SureCommand has aggregated the data content from many security agencies with more than 25 years of collecting information into one powerful database. With more than 13 million detailed profiles, SureCommand is one of the largest private crime databases in the world. The data content includes the list of known offences and record keeping of evidence, persons of interest, suspects and the accused. The SureCommand database is updated every time an authorized user adds new content. The database can process the tracking of stolen property, securely store media and quickly retrieve information.


Retail Fraud And Theft Database

The SureCommand system is a crime prevention network designed to organize, coordinate and calculate information on criminal activities for retail operations. The SureCommand system allows retailers to view and share information about criminal activities privately and securely with other retailers and more than 124 security agencies that employ 38 000 Security Guards, Loss Prevention Specialists, and Private Investigators. SureCommand is used by the top three Loss Prevention and Investigation agencies.
Analytics And Statistics
View local retail crime statistics and analytics using the SureCommand system. Calculate and compare shrinkage between retail locations to better focus on the highest risk stores. The fraud and theft map system will show your Loss Prevention operation the most vulnerable products and areas by listing the most stolen items per day, week, month and year in a specified geographic area. These features help your Loss Prevention operation take measures to secure products and predict crimes.
View Lists
The SureCommand System will help protect your retail operation against theft and frauds by displaying an up to date list of suspects who engaged in criminal activities in your area at other retail locations. View the most recent incidents involving arrests, theft, frauds and have access to a list of trespassers. Your security team can even view the list of suspects in your area to stay alert for possible criminal activity and manage trespass orders.
Investigation and Intelligence
Start, assign and view active criminal investigations live using the SureCommand system. Your security team will be alerted of developments instantly and have access to content anywhere through a secure portal. Your security team can track reports on organized crime and their behavior using the retail criminal intelligence systems.
The SureCommand system also integrates suspects images onto a facial recognition system to alert you to potential threats and show you the individuals list of incidents with other retailers and security personnel.
Your security team will be able to enter theft and fraud reports and view other reports to record keep and analyze your security operation. The report settings and features will allow you to choose who can see the full report and who can't. Your security team can create special incident reports with statistics and analytic.
Case Management
One of the most important elements you can add to build your case against criminals is determining a pattern of behavior and providing supporting evidence. SureCommand enables your security team to prepare information and organize your cases by gathering the history of behavior with multiple reports from multiple users to build your case
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