Scheduling Module


The SureCommand Scheduling System is the most feature rich, flexible, and integrated scheduling system in the world. It can be applied to small organization with less than ten employees, or to large organizations that have tens of thousands of employees in different areas around the world. The SureCommand system also provides employees with an integrated scheduling mobile application portal to view and manage their schedules.


The fundamentals of every scheduling program are the process of creating shifts, assigning coverage, and recording attendance activities on the timesheet. The shifts, coverage, and timesheets are the main elements of a scheduling system that all other scheduling features rely on. The SureCommand system ensures scheduling success by considering a large number of scheduling variables to ensure employee availability, identify scheduling conflicts, and to reduce scheduling errors. The flexibility of the SureCommand scheduling system means that it can be applied towards any industry and be able to integrate add on systems with technology partners.

Creating Shifts

The SureCommand system makes it flexible and easy to create shifts. Schedulers can simply select the location, time, duration, role, and duties they want to create a shift for on one easy to read screen. The SureCommand system is dynamic enough to allow schedulers to create long term schedules far in advance, allow for shift modifications and select clock in parameters with geo fencing features.

Assigning Coverage

After the scheduler has created the shift, the task of assigning the right person to that shift begins. Schedules must consider the distance, qualification, and availability of the employee they need to cover the open shift. SureCommand provides a solution that enables schedulers to identify the most suitable employee of the shift all on one screen. Schedulers also have many tools to manage the shift assignment like the shift broadcast system or the ability to decentralize the shift assignment to the site supervisor.

Recording Timesheets

The Timesheet system is designed to accurately record the precise time an employee clocks into and out of their shift for employee payroll and customer billing purposes. The SureCommand system Accurately records the timesheet hours through a Geo locator verification, location beacon, and Signature authentication system. Employees may use the SureCommand mobile application timesheet system to record their clock ins and outs.

Attendance Dashboard

The Attendance Management system provides Schedulers with a live detailed attendance report on a color-coded dashboard that alerts schedulers to any attendance issues. The attendance dashboard displays the full list of active employees who are currently assigned to a shift that will alert schedulers about anyone who has not yet accepted their shift, missed their clock in and out record, or who has clocked in at a location other than the assigned location. The Attendance Management system also calculates the employee’s attendance adherence for performance related measurements.

Scheduling Chart Types

The SureCommand Scheduling system provides users with a variety of chart display types. Schedulers can select either the box chart or Ghant chart type to view scheduling information. It is recommended that for new and growing operations, a box chart is most suitable. For large and complex scheduling operations, a Ghantt chart is more suitable and provides more scale related features.


  • Cancel shifts with penalties
  • Broadcast shift
  • Open shifts publications
  • Attendance management
  • GPS clock in confirmation
  • GEO fencing
  • Text Messaging (SMS) schedules to employees
  • Emailing Schedules to Employees and Customers
  • Email Messaging
  • Post shift assignments
  • Shift Series
  • Identify Scheduling Conflicts