Operations Department


The SureCommand Operations Management system can help your organization coordinate tasks, projects, and programs from start to finish. Properly coordinating your operation will mean more satisfied customers, happier employees, and cost efficiencies.


The SureCommand system can help you manage your operations team who is responsible for the completion of any customer request initiated by the sales department. Your operation can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount and speed of work orders that requires fulfilment. An effective work order organizational system must be applied towards tasks, projects, and programs for the operations department to succeed in its mission. The SureCommand operation system can assign, sequence, sort, arrange, prioritise, designate levels of urgency, and schedule work orders for fulfilment.

Tasks Assignment

A task is a singular piece of work or a transaction that is assigned to one person. The type of task, procedures, and schedule are all elements required for operation organizational purposes. The SureCommand system will help your operations team create and complete tasks with visual indicators that guide users with completing the task successfully and on time. The Task Management System will also collect statistical information to help your organization calculate the amount of time and resources a particular task will take for comparison and future project estimation purposes.

Projects Management

A project can be created to develop anything like a website or to build a house. The SureCommand Project Management system will help your operations team manage the collection of tasks with the same end goal. The SureCommand Project Management system can process multiple tasks, record time spent on each task, estimate material and labour costs, account for all invoices, navigate task dependencies, and designate the stages and milestones. The SureCommand project management system is flexible, sophisticated, and state of the art. Your operations team will instantly benefit after applying the SureCommand system to their projects.

Program Commitment

A Program is a collection of projects with a long-term commitment to continuously managing and upgrading a product or service. The SureCommand system is capable of managing large and complex, multi-project systems that involve, research and development, multi-organizational cooperation, long term planning, and sophisticated supply chain integration. The SureCommand Enterprise module provides operational Program features that will improve the Programs overall outcome.


Operations manager

The Operations Manager role gives users an overview of the whole operation and its performance. Operation Managers ensure efficiency of operation, the adherence to policies and procedure, and monitor key performance indicators, statistics, metrics, and analytics to optimize the operations department.


  • Planning
  • Dependencies with material, labour
  • Sequencing dependencies
  • Assigning to departments, individual, shift, subcontractor
  • Urgency selection
  • Google route creation
  • Project scheduling
  • Filters to arrange tasks, projects, and programs
  • Add documents
  • Record possible risks
  • Create alerts
  • View all subject list associated with the project
  • Project reports
  • Creating alerts
  • Attaching standard procedures
  • Includes project Accounting
  • List of materials
  • Multi organizational integration
  • Milestone
  • Flexible re-assignment and scheduling
  • Logistics