Human Resources Module


Human Resource Module

The SureCommand Human Resource Module is a comprehensive Human Resource program that helps your organization process and record your employees’ records from recruitment to termination. The SureCommand Human Resource (HR) system is designed to help your operation with understanding its HR needs, perform HR transactions, and provide guidance.

The SureCommand HR system can process many HR transactions including the administration of Government forms, coordinating talent needs, and calculating individual employee performance. The SureCommand HR system displays employee demographics information, and operational statistics such as recruitment and attrition rates to help your organization determine future hiring needs.

SureCommand helps your organization manage applicant information, assignments, employees’ access, organization policies and procedures, compliance, progressive disciplinary actions, electronic signatures verification, and terminations.

Recruiting Management

The SureCommand recruiting system is designed to manage the recruitment process within the Human Resource department. The recruitment system provides features to review digital applications, manage the level of interest, perform interviews and to upload document information. The SureCommand recruiting system also displays lists for recent graduates from networked training schools, provides advanced database talent searches, and offers job posting and job fair features. The recruiting system displays a sequenced list of candidates to be processed that can be refined through an assortment of filter options such as experience, city, schedule, and level of interest.
These features give your organization the refined processes it needs to find the right people.

Hiring Management

The hiring process begins after the recruiter selects the best candidates. Candidates must submit documents, sign contracts, and review company policies before being deployed to the scheduling departments for work hours.
The hiring management system helps employers establish hiring policies and procedures for all branches and monitors trends and compliance remotely to ensure that the highest qualified candidates join the organization.
The Hiring management system provides features that allow users to customize the hiring process with custom interview question and checklists. These features provide your organization the comprehensive processes it needs to hire the right people.


After the employee completes the hiring process and the Human Resource department has selected the deployment option on their profile, the employee will be able to start working as their profile will be visible for schedulers to assign hours to.

The deployment process is designed to ensure that the new members of your organization meet your organization's requirement and are certified to deliver service to your customers. The SureCommand Deployment feature ensures that the employee has a proper uniform, has read, and signed all company policies and procedures and has delivered all the proper documents before being eligible to receive a scheduled shift.

Employees List

The Employees List page gives the Human Resource Managers an overview of the organization's total population size, types of skills and experience, seniority, and the number of active and inactive employees. The SureCommand Employee List function also shows the types of departments, how many individuals assigned to the departments and the number of roles within those departments. The Employees List function also displays demographic information, statistics on the organization's recruitment rates, attrition rates, and seasonal comparisons to forecast the human resource requirements.

Compliance Management

The Termination Management system is designed to provide a process for the end of employment recordkeeping requirements. This system helps guide users through a comprehensive and simple wizard to determine whether an employee is being terminated voluntarily or involuntarily, is eligible for re-hire, provide exit interview templates, process severance pay requirements, uniform collections, and to process Government forms for record of employment and tax purposes.

Policy and Procedures Management

Policymaking, communicating new policies and managing compliance can be a complicated matter. Properly managing your organization's policies and procedures can reduce conflicts, prevent misunderstandings and costly mistakes. The SureCommand Policies and Procedure Management (PPM) system enable the Human Resource to manage the policies and procedures documents electronically. The SureCommand PPM allows users to upload policies for every individual department and manage who has read the policies with a digital signature acknowledgment. The PPM notifies users of new policy directives, displays list of outstanding signatures required and mandate policy before deployment.


Human Resource Manager

The Human Resource Manager oversees the activities of the whole human resource department. The Human Resource Manager has access to special features and comprehensive, detailed reports that measure the department’s overall performance.

Human Resource Administrator

The SureCommand Human Resource Administrator role provides complete access to the employees’ human resource profile where they can perform all the human resource transactions. The Human Resource Administrators can use the SureCommand system to promote a positive culture, meet productivity goals, ensuring safety, help employees advance within the organization, track compliance, identify qualifications, and manage employee performance.


The Recruiter Role gives users specific access to the recruitment features and functions to help identify the most qualified candidates for vacant positions within the organization. This role enables users to manage job postings, perform database searches, and identify the best sources for new talent. Other features include interview questionnaire, background checks, and reference verification.


  • Recruiting sources
  • Interview questionnaire
  • Interview ratings
  • Probation period
  • Termination process
  • Leave of absence
  • Qualification process
  • Performance reviews
  • Awards
  • Reprimands
  • Policy management
  • Document uploader