Director Module

Department Features


The SureCommand Director Module is designed to give Directors an overview of their whole operation.
The Director Module features include operational statistics, structure overview, hierarchy listing, and the ability to create policies and procedures for every department. The SureCommand system is designed to give you control over the information your organization manages.


The SureCommand Director Module gives organization Directors the ability to create branches, departments, units, and roles for organizational structure purposes. These features help Directors with directing workflows, increasing accountability, and managing policy, and procedure compliance.

Directors will benefit from the SureCommand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system by better designing workflows, improve accountability, and gain insight on Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The goal for SureCommand is to strengthen leadership capabilities, lower cost of operation, increase productivity, create less pollution, improve customer satisfaction, expand communications, and develop a positive organizational culture.


A Branch is a separate business unit in your organizational structure that is in charge of operating within a geographical area. An organizational branch is the first phase of the development of an organizational structure followed by departments, units, and roles. The SureCommand system provides customizable organizational structure charts for branches starting with the head office branch. Directors can create departments, units, and roles within the branch and develop policies and procedures to direct workflow. Once you have fully constructed your structure, users can then assign individuals to roles within the departments and units.


Within every branch, there are numerous departments that are concentrated on a specialized task. The accounting department, for example, has a collection of individuals who manage the organizations financial information and transactions. The human resource department has a collection of individuals who manage the employment needs of the organization. Both departments are important but have different and unique workflows. The SureCommand system has specialized modules for every department that guide transactions to deliver the best results. The department module system is designed to create a seamless synergy between departments in a simple or complex operation.


Within a department may exist specialized units that operate and perform specific tasks under special projects or programs. These units can involve any number of individuals typically assign to a specific role, like an accounts receivable administrator within the accounting department. Department Units help concentrate employees assigned to a specific role with special skills and experience for a more efficient and higher quality result.


Roles are individual positions assigned to candidates who have the most suitable skills and experience to perform the tasks in the most efficient way. For example, a machine operator may not succeed in the accounting department because of their lack of accounting skills. Each person assigned to a role is dedicated in performing specialized tasks that contribute to the departments production. Performance is measured on an individual’s basis rather than on a unit or department basis.


Policies are important as they bring order and guidance to an organization. The SureCommand Director Module has a Policies Management system that gives Directors the ability to establish and monitor policy compliance. Directors are the only individuals who can create policies for every department on the SureCommand system. Once a policy has been created by a Director, the Human Resource department is assigned the duties of ensuring acknowledgements to the policies and monitoring compliance.


Policies tell them what they should and shouldn’t do, procedures tell them how to do it. A procedure is a step-by-step process that guides an employee’s performance to create a consistent, and higher quality product or service. The SureCommand Procedure system is a feature attached to the task management system where employees can view the procedure for every task, project, and program.



The President role gives the users the access to overview all directors from every department if the organization grows to a size that require such a hierarchy. This role acts as the equivalent of a department manager for the Directors Module.


The Director Role gives users the ability to direct workflow through the use of configurable settings and the establishment of policies and procedures for the whole organization. If the organization is large, this role can be applied to individual departments that have a critical function.


  • Organizational Structure
  • Policies management
  • Procedure management
  • Overview Insight
  • Government Regulation Compliance
  • Documents Management