Accounting Module


The SureCommand Accounting System provides an integrated accounting solution that connects with every department within your organization. The SureCommand accounting module automates many features. For example, the SureCommand accounting system integrates the scheduling, inventory, payroll, and customer billing features so that your organization can perform transaction more accurately. Bring confidence with you and reassure your customers that they will receive a proper invoice, with the details they demand.

Management Reports

The SureCommand accounting reports system displays a clear understanding of your organization’s financial position. The SureCommand accounting reports system includes a Trial Balance, Income Statement, and Cash Flow report. Gain important insight into your organization’s financial health with SureCommand.

General Ledger

The SureCommand general ledger is a chronological list of accounts that record the financial activities of each account. Transactions are categorized and summarized into general ledger accounts. The SureCommand system recognizes a financial account as a unique profile record for each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue, and expense. The number and type of accounts that make up the general ledger are determined by the chart of accounts (COA).

Automated Recordkeeping

The SureCommand accounting system provides users with accounting reports, reconciliation, and automatic billing notification. The SureCommand Accounting system uses a traditional T account format that is easy to use and understand. The SureCommand accounting system also provides users with guided wizards to perform transactions that reduce errors. The SureCommand system can create files in many different formats for exporting into a common accounting software or CSV for the Excel spreadsheet.

Revenue Processing

The accounting system enables an assortment of automated calculations. These features include setting up a dynamic customer billing rates by the type of service and location. The flexibility enables the accounting department to automatically produce an accurate customer bill with the integrated information from that site scheduling program if you are delivering services.

Invoices can also include customer signatures on the bill when employees gather signatures from store managers or a GPS location verification as to where the employee was when commencing their shift on the billing invoice.

The SureCommand dynamic invoicing system allows your organization to the bill by timesheet or scheduled hours. Users can also create manual invoices as well. The SureCommand budget system works with the traditional budget limit for department and branches, or zero-based budgeting processes where expenses must be approved before applied. A graphical budget report is available for users to determine the state of their department's budgets visually.

Expense Processing

The SureCommand Expense processing feature is an easy-to-use wizard. The expense wizard guides users through a step-by-step process that will reduce accounting errors and user confusion. The expense wizard provides a list of drop-down options to properly process the transaction and attach to the right accounts.

Asset Recordkeeping System

Users can easily and conveniently process asset transactions through a manual or automatic process wizard. The process wizard will automatically produce the correct accounts to debit and credit the transaction. The asset recordkeeping system also includes an asset account aging report.

Liability Recordkeeping System

Users can easily and conveniently process liability transactions through a manual or automatic process wizard. The process wizard will automatically produce the correct accounts to debit and credit the transaction. The Liability recordkeeping system also includes a liability account aging report.

Tax Management

Managing Taxes for your organization can be complicated and resource intensive. SureCommand makes it easier to manage tax transaction by provides a dedicated section to view tax reports and perform tax transactions. From sales tax to income tax, the SureCommand tax management system delivers a workflow that is designed to be intuitive and straightforward.

Bank Reconciliation

SureCommand can help your organization reconcile bank statements, specifically checking, savings, and credit card accounts. SureCommand can download electronic bank statement to reconcile banking transactions by utilizing the Bank Account Activity Download Feature (BAADF). The SureCommand BAADF system is an integrated part of the system designed to process bank account activity feeds.

Customer Billing

The SureCommand billing feature integrates information between the payroll and scheduling departments automatically to compare numbers to ensure the accuracy of the customer's service invoice. Invoices can then be modified to reflect the addition of other expenses. Invoices can include login and out details using GPS and can include customer verification signatures. The SureCommand billing system can also be used to email multiple customers their invoices on a specified schedule automatically.


The SureCommand Subcontractor Management System (SCMS) can effectively manage the complex financial relationships with your subcontractors. It can integrate with schedule and projects to assist in the verification of product and service delivery and the subcontractors billing.

Purchase Order

The SureCommand Purchase Order System manages the financial transactions between your organization and customers. It can process large volumes of orders quickly, accurately, and efficiently. It has inventory integration and logistics operations built into every transaction. SureCommand is the perfect system to scale your sales operation.



The Accounting Department Manager Role (ADMR) gives users the access to advanced accounting reports and provides a settings page to configure the department’s workflow features. The ADMR system also gives Account Managers access to accountants, accounting reports, and transactions from all branches.


The Accountant Role provides users with access to all the accounts and accounting features for their branch. This Role is designed to permit all transaction types to be performed by the accountant user and display all reports within the branch.


The Recordkeeper role gives users the access to certain department functions like the accounts receivables access. This level of access will help account departments concentrate roles on specific tasks.


  • Aging Reports
  • Assets Wizards
  • Audit
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Statement Download
  • Billing
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Charge Rates
  • Expense Wizards
  • Income Statement Report
  • Inventory Management
  • Liability Wizards
  • Payroll Processing
  • Profit/Loss Report
  • Reconciliation Features
  • Recurring Payments
  • Remittance Processing
  • Expense Wizards
  • Income Statement Report
  • Revenue Wizards
  • Subcontractor Management System (SCMS)
  • Trial Balance Report