Education Module


The SureCommand Learning Management System offers many features for the organization’s education operation. Organizations using the SureCommand Education Module can create programs, courses, and lessons for the organization’s employees or for the general public. You may also configure training lessons to be a requirement for job sites or configure prices for each lesson offered to the general public.

Lessons, Courses, Programs

The SureCommand Learning Management System (LMS) provides employers with the ability to administer training online or in class. Education Administrators can upload an unlimited amount of training programs, courses, and lessons onto the LMS system. Each training course can be configured to set the syllabus, curriculum, duration, audience type, schedules, in class or online, require prerequisites, and much more.

Class Management

The SureCommand Class Management System gives Training Administrators the ability to create class profiles to establish the class size, type, schedule, prerequisites, and select whether the class is in-person or online. Once a class profile has been created, Training Administrators can publish the class profile for admission internally or to the general public via the organization’s customer portal.

List of Students

The SureCommand LMS system provides Training Administrators with a list of students to help them organize their training operation. The List of Students page displays the students’ Full name, picture, start date, graduation date, course type, and training progress. This overview gives the Administrators and Trainers the ability to recognize issues and take action to ensure that all students are on track to successfully complete their training program.

Quizzes, Tests, Examinations

The retention of information must be measured upon the student’s completion of their training. SureCommand provides invigilator assistance to ensure the highest level of integrity. Lessons are given quiz options, courses are given test options, and programs are given examination option. These information retention options are designed to be progressive relative to the scope of the training program.


The SureCommand LMS system offers automated or manual certification features. Once the student has achieved navigating through all the required training material and testing, the SureCommand system will provide a printable certification PDF and display it on the student’s transcript. Students may access their transcript from the organization’s customer portal.

Student Training Portals

Students will be able to view the list of available training material once granted access by the training provider. The list will include the available in-class and online courses. Students can be also given options to register for employer training programs or purchase a program offered to the public by educational institutions.


Training administrator

Training administrators are provided features that enable them to upload training and testing material, create class schedules, assign instructors, monitor the training progress, and to ensure student success. The SureCommand Training Administrator Module can help Training Administrators automate functions and improve the overall education operation.


The SureCommand Trainer Role provides Trainers with features like the class syllabus, roster, lesson type, recording attendance, and being able to view a students’ training progress. These features give Trainers the ability to better coordinate and organize lessons and a wider perspective on classroom activities while simultaneously providing an interactive classroom learning environment through the student website portal.


The SureCommand Training Customer Portal gives students access to the class schedule and location, instructors, list of training programs, courses, lessons, quizzes, tests, examinations, transcripts, employment listings, and the ability to upload required documentation. The Student Portal system fully integrates all classroom activities with students to enhance learning and participation.

Customer Portal

Organizations using the SureCommand Education Module can provide their students with a portal that delivers education services through their branded website. The Education Module customer portal offers all the same features found on the SureCommand system, customized for the education provider, and made simpler for the general consumer.


  • Create training program, courses, lessons.
  • Syllabus
  • Curriculum
  • Quizzes, Tests, Exams
  • Certification process
  • Attendance management
  • Automated Training Progress Calculators