My Profile Module

My Profile Features


The My Profile Module gives users an overview of their profile information and is where they can manage their relationships with employers. It contains pages related to where users can interact with the Human Resource, Payroll, Scheduling, Operation, and Training departments.

Employer Selection

The SureCommand system can be used by individuals with multiple employers. Users can easily select the correct employer portal from a drop-down menu to participate in that organization’s activities. Navigating between employers helps the user avoid conflicts in schedules and disorientation with system design.

My Human Resources

TThe SureCommand My Human Resource page provides features that help users manage their relationship with their employers. Users can add and change information like an address change, uniform size update, and upload documents required by employers. Users can also, build a resume and view their workplace performance.

My Payroll

The SureCommand My Payroll page shows a list of digital paystubs with detailed payroll information that can be downloaded or printed by the user. The payroll system collects payroll information from the user’s timesheet records to process the paystubs. The paystubs details will show users the retroactive payments, commissions, shift premiums, bonuses, tax remittances, and expense information.

My Schedule

The SureCommand My Schedule page shows users their workplace schedules in an easy-to-read monthly calendar format, enables them to apply for open shifts, and allows them to record their availability. This page provides users with the time and location of the shift and the ability to confirm the shift. Users and the organization will benefit from the coordination of scheduling

My Work Orders

The My Work Orders page will show users the list of tasks that they have been assigned in priority sequence. This page will enable users to create, process, and update work orders that have been assigned to them.

My Communication

The My Communication page displays the various communication types that the SureCommand system offers where messages are transmitted and received. The SureCommand system offers direct messaging, push to talk, and memorandum messaging features.

My Jobs

The SureCommand My Jobs page shows users the list of published internal and external employment opportunities. Users can use this page to view internal advancement opportunities, where they can easily apply for multiple positions to communicate their interest for the advertised position.

My Training

The SureCommand My Training page displays the list of available training courses the user can register for. Users can choose courses that are offered by their employer or choose courses that are offered to the general public. After registering for the course, users can view their progress, challenge tests and receive a downloadable digital certification from the transcript page.

My Settings

The My Settings page enable users to change their password, adjust their privacy settings, and be able to adjust their page layout. This page is designed to give as much control of the user information to the user.


The SureCommand Mobile Application is designed to replicate the same powerful features found on the desktop version but in a more compressed mobile phone friendly format. The SureCommand mobile application gives users the ability to receive Interactive notifications, communication features, and offline recordkeeping abilities until a connection is made. The Human Resource Management system gives users similar features that help them perform transactions remotely.


  • Direct Messaging
  • Document Uploader
  • Human Resource
  • Job Board
  • Memorandum
  • Multiple Employer Selection
  • Paystubs
  • Person Details Forms
  • Push To Talk
  • Scheduling
  • Work Orders